Tuesday, July 4, 2017

Round Round Get Around

On Saturday, June 17th, I tabled at the new Vancouver location of Frankenstein's Comic Book Swap.  I brought lots of original comic book art, magazines, DVDs, even some comics.  I left with two fewer boxes than I arrived with, which was lucky because I had to give a ride to another friend at the end of the evening.

What I'm most proud of right now is this:
I don't know how I stood having old IKEA curtains tacked up to the frames for so long.  I guess I thought it would be hard to find what I wanted to hang, and how to hang it. but it wasn't at all.  I got double rods from Fred Meyer on sale for about $3 a set, sheer curtains (4 panels) at Value Village for around $10 for all.  One set was marked down and I had a coupon that day.  The patterned drapes were about $25 each from Target, but worth it when I think about the time and materials to make them.  They're perfect, they look so good with all of the needlepoint stuff.

I feel like the universe is trying to tell me something when no fewer than four different people have brought up Nikola Tesla in conversation over the last week, then the alarm clock stops working, and I lose a key to a cabinet but it mysteriously reappears in the place where I put it in the first place. Some other strange stuff happened too, and you can laugh at me if you want, but I pay attention to these things.  Maybe I've been watching too much Twin Peaks.