Sunday, June 11, 2017

Diary of a Lost Floor

I finally got the flat file out of my basement!  Yes!!  The room seems so much bigger!  My friend came with a truck guy and they took it right out of there.  I swept the space and I'm getting ready to move my drums back in there.  Woohoo!

I'm on a giveaway tear with the Buy Nothing Portland page.  It turns out that the more space you free up, the more stuff you find that you don't need.  Everything gets highlighted more easily.  On the free stuff menu today: canvas punching bag, full spectrum lamp, water-saving shower head parts.  You would think that the lamp would be useful to me, seeing as I have SAD problems every year, but it's really just taking up space.  I think a clearer room will make me happier.

After cleaning in the room for a bit, I even took a minute to go through a box of papers and magazines that I had never really paid attention to over the years.  I found some comics to sell at Frankenstein's Comic Book Swap next weekend, as well as some paperbacks that I can also sell there!  Along with some nice keepsakes that Dylan had stashed in there.  What a find!

PS edit: I placed my first free sidewalk stuff giveaway on Sunday: two small book cases, both of them kind of janky but still useful.  They were both in the laundry room and had been emptied of DVDs recently.  I went out to meet friends for a drink-and-draw and came home to find them gone!  What will I do for a high once I am done tidying?

See ya in the 25th year of NEVER, junkpile!

Oh, and let's please talk about the new Twin Peaks episodes!!   I have to restrain myself around my friends, some who haven't seen all of them, but I'll say here that I suspect there is another tie-in with the great noir film Laura that is being set up in episode 5 and the job interview scene is one of my favorite TV moments in all of my TV watching experience.  OK, those aren't really spoilers.  We'll talk again later!

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