Sunday, May 28, 2017

Basement County USA

Hey, remember this little corner of my basement?

Well, after the guy came and took the lateral file out, everything that was left looked like it was wearing a suit that was too big.  I moved a shelf and gathered all of the DVDs I'm selling onto it.  After sweeping and wiping down the washer & dryer, here's what was left:

This looks good, but it's an even bigger deal to me for a reason that's not immediately apparent.  The DVDs on that shelf are all that are left for me to get rid of.  That's including the Bad Apple stock and personal collection items together.  Not so mega anymore.  When I closed the store I had boxes and shelves full of them and now they're all together in this little corner. 

There are a lot of containers on those shelves in the bottom photo, but they're mostly empty.  I save them for the swap meets to hold my goods. 

This is the most spacious I've seen this place in ten years! 


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