Sunday, May 28, 2017

Basement County USA

Hey, remember this little corner of my basement?

Well, after the guy came and took the lateral file out, everything that was left looked like it was wearing a suit that was too big.  I moved a shelf and gathered all of the DVDs I'm selling onto it.  After sweeping and wiping down the washer & dryer, here's what was left:

This looks good, but it's an even bigger deal to me for a reason that's not immediately apparent.  The DVDs on that shelf are all that are left for me to get rid of.  That's including the Bad Apple stock and personal collection items together.  Not so mega anymore.  When I closed the store I had boxes and shelves full of them and now they're all together in this little corner. 

There are a lot of containers on those shelves in the bottom photo, but they're mostly empty.  I save them for the swap meets to hold my goods. 

This is the most spacious I've seen this place in ten years! 


Thursday, May 25, 2017

The Accidental Exorcist

I made a new project list and one of those things was to set up my stereo system so that I can use it at long last as it was meant to be played.  Dunzo, bitches!

I had taken it apart oh so long ago to use the turntable for my DJ projects, but I decided not to bring it anymore as it's fragile and precious.  One of these days I'll have to get a portable one but until then I'll just use my digital implements.

I put the former cabinet or shelf thing that held the stereo stuff on Craigslist a couple days ago.  I'm still not sure it's the right decision, but it's so hard to connect everything through the tiny holes in the back. 
I did a lot of vacuuming and dusting around the spaces where I was working, which led to my vacuuming other spots in the living room.  I kept finding small piles of dried ant bodies here and there.  I've had several spates of ant attacks in my home again.  In the bathroom, the kitchen, and the living room.  Sometimes I can't even tell why  they're there!  I use the Raid gel to fend them off and it works really well!  Just put a tiny amount on a tiny slip of paper and place it in the pathway of the ants.  Soon they will swarm the gel  (it's really fascinating in a gross way) and hours later most if not all will be gone.  I think that spiders are eating the ants I've been finding.  I've been contending with spiders and centipedes on top of everything and it's just disgusting.  I try to leave centipedes alone if they're in the basement, because they do eat insects and spiders, but if they come into my personal space then they're going to eat shit and that's that.  Killing one of them is really gross so it's best to trap it and throw it outdoors.

I had some more adventures with the Buy Nothing page on Facebook.  I found a new home for a mandolin that once belonged to Dylan.  He got it a few months before he died but never got to learn to play it as planned.  Only recently did I think that it might be a good thing to gift someone.  It now lives with a good person whose lovely friend got it from me on the FB page.  I also gave away an old folding mirror to a person with spectacular selfies of their groovy makeup and hairstyle combos.  I was disappointed that I couldn't be there when they came to pick up (it was a "porch pickup").

Hokay, I topped off this week's giveaway streak with a guy coming over to take a big ugly lateral file that had been in my basement for over ten years!!  No one wanted it on FB so Craigslist free stuff came to the rescue.  It had held DVDs for all of that time but most of those have been sold or shifted somehow.  I had to move the washer, dryer, and a full shelf of old books to make way for the dolly to take it out.  The guy had just enough room in the back of his pickup to squeeze the thing in!  He seemed like a pro at scooting giant heavy metal boxes.

You might wonder, after all these years, why I'm STILL doing this donating/selling dance.  I do wonder too, but I remember how there had to be literally about five times the books, DVDs, furniture and other accoutrements four years ago and it all starts to make sense!

Every day, give yourself a present!