Thursday, April 13, 2017

Double Nickels

I had two swap meets (three really) last month and another one happening this weekend!  Twilight Rummage Sale took place just a week before the Frankensteins/Comix Thing conflagration and now I'm rolling in small bills. 

I should really start taking pictures of my tables again.  For so long I've just had DVDs as the main course but I've been bringing more offbeat junk so I can make room for more crap.  This time at Twilight I had, among other random things: lovely old framed pastel drawing of sail boats, Elmer the Rainbow Elephant stuffed toy, and vintage silk scarves.  I ended up giving away Elmer to a cute little kid who kept coming by to pick him up.  I later saw Elmer getting a free ride in the kid's mom's hoodie hood.  Best swap meet memory ever!

For the Frankensteins show I brought a load of original comic book art, which sold super fast!  I had an awesome day!   I always seem to have a lot of stuff for each show.  I don't know where it comes from, it just keeps appearing in my basement. 

I have been forcing myself to clean my office, which has sadly been a big dumping space for a lot of things that had no permanent home.  The turning point began, really, with putting those hooks in my living room closet.  Because bags belong near the coats, right?  I got several sets of  cheap plastic shelving from my parents' place that turned out to be perfect closet sorters.  Much better than the hanging shoe holders I was using for sweaters.  Now the office closet has my art supplies standing upright and ready for use.  I gave away an end table with drawers on the Buy Nothing page last night.  I had nothing against the table, just no great place to put it.  It had been standing in the middle of the room since I moved it out of my bedroom last year.  I also went through a lot of my little decorative keepsakes to sell or give away.  My big plan for this office is to remove the carpet at last so the hardwood floor shows.

I saw this guy a couple nights ago.  So great!!!