Tuesday, March 7, 2017

Door Hooks and Your Growth Mindset

Don't underestimate the power of a good bathrobe-style hook for storing stuff.  I did and I now see I made a mistake.  Hooks are excellent for keeping stuff from forming a heap on the floor.  They are especially good, in my opinion, for using on the inside of a closet door, like so:

Don't use a nail; they can catch on fabrics.  Also, things that hang from nails put stress on the surface behind it, potentially causing damage.  If your interior doors are like mine, then they're the hollow-core wooden ones and they don't have enough thickness for an embedded nail.  The screws that hold a hook in place provide that extra contact for secure hold, and the flange on the base of the hook gives extra support.

I went out to Fred Meyer to get more hooks last night.  You can get them in the "storage" section of the homewares department, but you'll get find nice ones in the hardware aisle where you get bulk screws and whatnot.  They're not only cheaper there, mine came two to a package for extra hooking power.

Perhaps now is a good time to state the benefits of having a few power tools around the house.  I have a Makita drill that has been one of the best gifts of a lifetime.  Remember when my bed crapped out?  I'd still be sleeping on an air mattress if I didn't have the drill to brace it up again.

OK, I know my previous post clearly slows a photo of nails holding up my laundry rack.  I'm about to fix that with my score from yesterday, smartass.

Let me add that I used a Marie Kondo trick for my tote bags on the closet door there.  I put them inside the ones that are hanging.  It's better than slinging them over the back of a kitchen chair.
This is what you get if you search "totebag" in Giphy.com
 All right, I think I've exhausted this subject matter.  Stay organized and don't get murdered!

Wednesday, March 1, 2017

Forgotten Silver

I have a month to prepare for the next Frankenstein's/Comix Thing fracas.  Comic book related matter has been presenting itself in surprising ways.

Like this stuff - I totally forgot I had set this aside to sell.  I had a lot of things in front of the bookcase so I wasn't paying attention to what was on the shelves.  I have a feeling these will find someone to love them.

Only a couple of the titles available!!
 I have a lot of original art too.  I have no idea what it's worth at this point.  But it doesn't belong stacked in a basement.  Someone made this art for someone else to reproduce, distribute and enjoy.

I made good on my goal to clean up that corner of my living room and now you can see the fruit of my labors:

 ...and I made wall space for the laundry rack!

Outta the way, jerkass!