Thursday, February 23, 2017


In my ongoing sleep-improvement project I've resorted to a last resort: I'm finally cutting back on all caffeine.  It was on my 2016 to-do list to stop drinking coffee but I don't really want to, especially since I almost never drink alcohol or soda as it is.  I dreaded the withdrawal headaches.  I'm hacking it by filling my cup about 1" full with coffee, filling the rest with almond milk, and reheating.  I've been sleeping a little bit better than before - when I get to bed on time, that is.
Call the midwives - I need emergency Tetley's administration pleaseandthankyou

I've been donating a lot of stuff to the VVA these last few weeks.  On Sunday afternoons and evenings I do a lot of house work and tidying around the place and I make little piles of things that have to go!  This week it's DVDs.  I seem to have a lot of hit movies (like Pearl Harbor, gross) and no one wants them at swap meets. Buh-bye!
Lamp Uno
Lamp Dos
 I'm also using a Facebook page called Buy Nothing Portland which is specific to my neighborhood.  You can post a picture to give away an item, or you can ask for an item, but trades are not allowed.  I have antique lamps (see above) that I've wanted to get rid of for ages, but I feel guilty about dumping them at Goodwill.  Already I have takers that are thrilled to get them.  Win-win!!

I took this picture of the problem corner in my living room and I'm going to make this my project for the week.  One of my big ideas is to make a way to hang the laundry drying rack when it's folded up.  I'm planning to find room in the staircase region.

Ever since my mom died last month I've been in a fog when I want to write.  I sometimes feel unable to keep up on some of my adult responsibilities, but I'm a little better this week.  I made a post a few weeks ago that I took down, in case you don't know what's going on. I hope to have another update soon, complete with pictures, so keep coming back.