Thursday, January 19, 2017

Last Trash Heap on the Left

The weather has been total crap for a few days now and I can hardly remember what day it is.  Work was closed for a couple weekdays and I came in to work on some days off, so it's no wonder.  I actually love snow, but I hate how Portland throws up its hands when we get it.

The overabundance of indoor time has given me opportunity to do some long overdue tidying.  I went through most of the jumble on the floor of my office, and recycled/shredded a nice bundle of papers and things.  I rearranged my CDs so I'd have more room for the ones I really want to keep, and made plans to say goodbye to the ones I don't.  Pretty soon I'll be able to vacuum the floor.

On Saturday I am renting a car for the Twilight Rummage Sale and to visit my dad, but also I'm going to make a nice round of large-scale donations.  Friends of the Library, SCRAP and Far West Fibers are all going to see my silly face this weekend.  I'm going to need some cardboard boxes.