Thursday, April 13, 2017

Double Nickels

I had two swap meets (three really) last month and another one happening this weekend!  Twilight Rummage Sale took place just a week before the Frankensteins/Comix Thing conflagration and now I'm rolling in small bills. 

I should really start taking pictures of my tables again.  For so long I've just had DVDs as the main course but I've been bringing more offbeat junk so I can make room for more crap.  This time at Twilight I had, among other random things: lovely old framed pastel drawing of sail boats, Elmer the Rainbow Elephant stuffed toy, and vintage silk scarves.  I ended up giving away Elmer to a cute little kid who kept coming by to pick him up.  I later saw Elmer getting a free ride in the kid's mom's hoodie hood.  Best swap meet memory ever!

For the Frankensteins show I brought a load of original comic book art, which sold super fast!  I had an awesome day!   I always seem to have a lot of stuff for each show.  I don't know where it comes from, it just keeps appearing in my basement. 

I have been forcing myself to clean my office, which has sadly been a big dumping space for a lot of things that had no permanent home.  The turning point began, really, with putting those hooks in my living room closet.  Because bags belong near the coats, right?  I got several sets of  cheap plastic shelving from my parents' place that turned out to be perfect closet sorters.  Much better than the hanging shoe holders I was using for sweaters.  Now the office closet has my art supplies standing upright and ready for use.  I gave away an end table with drawers on the Buy Nothing page last night.  I had nothing against the table, just no great place to put it.  It had been standing in the middle of the room since I moved it out of my bedroom last year.  I also went through a lot of my little decorative keepsakes to sell or give away.  My big plan for this office is to remove the carpet at last so the hardwood floor shows.

I saw this guy a couple nights ago.  So great!!!

Tuesday, March 7, 2017

Door Hooks and Your Growth Mindset

Don't underestimate the power of a good bathrobe-style hook for storing stuff.  I did and I now see I made a mistake.  Hooks are excellent for keeping stuff from forming a heap on the floor.  They are especially good, in my opinion, for using on the inside of a closet door, like so:

Don't use a nail; they can catch on fabrics.  Also, things that hang from nails put stress on the surface behind it, potentially causing damage.  If your interior doors are like mine, then they're the hollow-core wooden ones and they don't have enough thickness for an embedded nail.  The screws that hold a hook in place provide that extra contact for secure hold, and the flange on the base of the hook gives extra support.

I went out to Fred Meyer to get more hooks last night.  You can get them in the "storage" section of the homewares department, but you'll get find nice ones in the hardware aisle where you get bulk screws and whatnot.  They're not only cheaper there, mine came two to a package for extra hooking power.

Perhaps now is a good time to state the benefits of having a few power tools around the house.  I have a Makita drill that has been one of the best gifts of a lifetime.  Remember when my bed crapped out?  I'd still be sleeping on an air mattress if I didn't have the drill to brace it up again.

OK, I know my previous post clearly slows a photo of nails holding up my laundry rack.  I'm about to fix that with my score from yesterday, smartass.

Let me add that I used a Marie Kondo trick for my tote bags on the closet door there.  I put them inside the ones that are hanging.  It's better than slinging them over the back of a kitchen chair.
This is what you get if you search "totebag" in
 All right, I think I've exhausted this subject matter.  Stay organized and don't get murdered!

Wednesday, March 1, 2017

Forgotten Silver

I have a month to prepare for the next Frankenstein's/Comix Thing fracas.  Comic book related matter has been presenting itself in surprising ways.

Like this stuff - I totally forgot I had set this aside to sell.  I had a lot of things in front of the bookcase so I wasn't paying attention to what was on the shelves.  I have a feeling these will find someone to love them.

Only a couple of the titles available!!
 I have a lot of original art too.  I have no idea what it's worth at this point.  But it doesn't belong stacked in a basement.  Someone made this art for someone else to reproduce, distribute and enjoy.

I made good on my goal to clean up that corner of my living room and now you can see the fruit of my labors:

 ...and I made wall space for the laundry rack!

Outta the way, jerkass!

Thursday, February 23, 2017


In my ongoing sleep-improvement project I've resorted to a last resort: I'm finally cutting back on all caffeine.  It was on my 2016 to-do list to stop drinking coffee but I don't really want to, especially since I almost never drink alcohol or soda as it is.  I dreaded the withdrawal headaches.  I'm hacking it by filling my cup about 1" full with coffee, filling the rest with almond milk, and reheating.  I've been sleeping a little bit better than before - when I get to bed on time, that is.
Call the midwives - I need emergency Tetley's administration pleaseandthankyou

I've been donating a lot of stuff to the VVA these last few weeks.  On Sunday afternoons and evenings I do a lot of house work and tidying around the place and I make little piles of things that have to go!  This week it's DVDs.  I seem to have a lot of hit movies (like Pearl Harbor, gross) and no one wants them at swap meets. Buh-bye!
Lamp Uno
Lamp Dos
 I'm also using a Facebook page called Buy Nothing Portland which is specific to my neighborhood.  You can post a picture to give away an item, or you can ask for an item, but trades are not allowed.  I have antique lamps (see above) that I've wanted to get rid of for ages, but I feel guilty about dumping them at Goodwill.  Already I have takers that are thrilled to get them.  Win-win!!

I took this picture of the problem corner in my living room and I'm going to make this my project for the week.  One of my big ideas is to make a way to hang the laundry drying rack when it's folded up.  I'm planning to find room in the staircase region.

Ever since my mom died last month I've been in a fog when I want to write.  I sometimes feel unable to keep up on some of my adult responsibilities, but I'm a little better this week.  I made a post a few weeks ago that I took down, in case you don't know what's going on. I hope to have another update soon, complete with pictures, so keep coming back.

Thursday, January 19, 2017

Last Trash Heap on the Left

The weather has been total crap for a few days now and I can hardly remember what day it is.  Work was closed for a couple weekdays and I came in to work on some days off, so it's no wonder.  I actually love snow, but I hate how Portland throws up its hands when we get it.

The overabundance of indoor time has given me opportunity to do some long overdue tidying.  I went through most of the jumble on the floor of my office, and recycled/shredded a nice bundle of papers and things.  I rearranged my CDs so I'd have more room for the ones I really want to keep, and made plans to say goodbye to the ones I don't.  Pretty soon I'll be able to vacuum the floor.

On Saturday I am renting a car for the Twilight Rummage Sale and to visit my dad, but also I'm going to make a nice round of large-scale donations.  Friends of the Library, SCRAP and Far West Fibers are all going to see my silly face this weekend.  I'm going to need some cardboard boxes.