Sunday, September 18, 2016

Green is just another word for...

...better than a dirty chalk-white wall the length of one side of my house!  My painting project is complete for the time being:

I brought a small end table up from the basement to use for my growing indoor garden.  I never knew quite what to do with it all these years until now!
As you maybe can tell, I've moved around some furniture and the space feels bigger than before. 

I've got TWO events I'm DJing in the next couple weeks: the Twilight Rummage Sale this Saturday night and Comix Thing the weekend after that.  I already have most of my playlists worked out.  I can't wait!!  I think there will be some happy freakouts at both places.  Here's a band I'm planning to use at one or both of them,  we'll see:
Is that one of Bryon Gysin's dream machines I see?

Wednesday, September 7, 2016


I'm still having trouble adjusting to the time change since returning from my vacation (it's seven hours later there).  I still sometimes wake up a little to early anyway because of my sleep problems, so today I just got right out of bed at 5:30 a.m. and started my day.  I washed a window, took down curtains for laundry, and repotted a few small plants.  I hung last night's laundry to dry.  I tidied the living room, but all of the furniture is still pushed out of the way for painting. I even cooked eggs for breakfast and a piece of fish for my dinner tonight.  This week has been special because I washed all of my dishes and recycling containers and wiped down the counters.  Oh yeah, and I MADE THE BED.

Maybe it's because I missed my house while I was away, or because the last AirBnB I stayed in was so cute and sparkling.  It could also be because coming home made me see my place with someone else's eyes for a minute.  It was pretty bad, but understandably so.  I was so busy planning my adventure that I let everything else fall to the wayside.

My toilet had a clog the day after I got back and I used this young smartypants's tutorial to get it resolved.
I've used his method before and it really works!  Here's a sad fun fact about me: I never used a toilet plunger with any success until last year, and that was one time.  Also, I need to watch videos like this to do things like unclog toilets and drains.  I just want to know it's humanly possible to accomplish.  It's just me doing the handywork around here, ya know.

Why am I just learning about the Buy Nothing groups?  I can't believe I haven't been all over this for centuries.  You know I have stuff to contribute, too.  More on this subject later.

Monday, September 5, 2016

Which side are you on?

Here's my living room as of today.  A clean, unevenly primed wall giddily commences its wedding with chartreuse latex.

The guests look on, bemused and probably totally stoned:
I hope to work on it some today because I have the day off and I want to make this place a little more livable now that I'm back FROM ICELAND!!!

I've been dreaming of going there for years and I finally made it!  I was there for a whole week, spending several days in Reykjavik and leaving to see as much as I could in a few days.  I drove myself around the entire island on the ring road!

I think I'll say more about the trip on another post because I'm actually kind of tired and sore from the long trip back.  I arrived late last night.  It's weird to be back in my life again.