Monday, July 4, 2016

Triple F Fantastic

When it's sunny, especially when it's summer, that's when other people start turning out their closets and basements and garages.  It's time for another free stuff from the sidewalk report!

My hauls this year have been getting better each time.  A few weeks ago my neighbors had a garage sale and put everything that didn't sell on the curb.  I got a cute sugar bowl with a bear on top and an electric teapot. 

Last week another neighbor placed a lot of containers of environmentally safer cleaning supplies under a tree in front of her place.  I grabbed a paper bag from the pile and threw almost everything in it.  When taking this picture last night, I found the bonus animal teeth in the baggie at the bottom of the sack!

I got two shower curtains from the same person's pile.  They were both very nice but I decided they were not good styles for my bathroom.  I'll give those away in the next charity bag.  That's the nice thing about things you find: you can audition them and then turn them away with no hard feelings.  Shower curtains are expensive!  It was worth a try.

A few nights ago I found a curtain made of rattan rings on a bamboo rod.  I brought it to Andrice's house as a gift, thinking she could use it for her Tiki TV room, and I forgot to check in and see if she decided to keep it.  One way or the other, I can use it to do an impression of Paul Reubens in Blow:

What else has summer brought to me?  A box full of lightbulbs, different wattages, the energy efficient variety.  Stationery with a Primavera motif.  Two perfect prairie skirts that were just a bit too teensy for me.  

I set up the shelves that I found on New Year's Day and them it my new gardening supply area in the basement.  Now my tools, seeds, and containers all have their own island.  Thanks neighbors!    

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