Monday, July 4, 2016

Summer Reading

Months ago, I started to pull way back from social media, especially Facebook, and I've been looking for new lunchtime reading at work.  A title like Unfuck Your Habitat sounds like hate reading substance, but it's pure sunshine and bluebirds, and that's a fact. 

I like that a lot of the folks who post their before-and-afters in UfYH mention that their struggles with anxiety and depression.  I'm actually doing a whole lot better in the last two or three months, especially since my sleep problems have been managed.  It's not perfect but I feel a real difference!  I'd forgotten what it felt like to sleep six to eight hours in a row!!

I've talked about that blog before but I've come back to it for inspiration, in addition to slobbering over photospreads of dollhouses and miniature furniture.  Like this one.  I'm kind of glad I don't know anyone who's as  obsessed as I am, because I'll be honest, I don't want competition in that department.  I'm not really like that with anything else!

As for books, I'm working on The Strange Life of P.D. Ouspensky by Colin Wilson.  It's very good, but I think it's intended for those who are already familiar with Ouspensky's writing, and I'm not as yet.  I read another book Colin Wilson wrote, Super Consciousness, which I liked.  His bio of Ouspensky references a lot of things he's written about before, and also the writing of William James, so it's not unfamiliar subject matter to me. 

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