Wednesday, May 25, 2016

Feels Like the First Time

I took the afternoon off work last Friday to help my friend/former business partner/former employee Virginia load up a 20-foot truck full of Sparkplug material so it can go to its new home in Cupertino, CA.  Several of our other friends were there helping, including Marc and Dave from Alternative Comics, which will be housing and distributing Sparkplug's comix for the foreseeable future.

Here's a before and after shot from the garage at Virginia's (BTW only part of it is shown here):

We had lunch somewhere in the middle and about five hours after we started we headed over to my house for more of the same:

This pickup job happened because everyone was here to participate in Linework NW and I had some unexpected interactions with many folks I hardly ever see.  The whole Sparkplug experience and everything else caught up with me on the bus ride home Sunday night, so I had to rent Legend so I could get back to normal.

I bet you thought I meant the one with Tom Cruise.  I've already seen that one about 67 times.  Would see again though!!! 
You may remember what started this whole blog nonsense, if you need reminding go back to the early times and recollect.  Over the last four years we moved all of that stuff at least a couple more times.  I thought I'd be in tiptop order by now, but as my friends could clearly see, I'm still a sloppy dingdong.  

Wednesday, May 4, 2016

More Than Likely

I'm just checking in really, I don't have much to report.  My whole life is comics this past week, I've finished the annual free comic project with my friends a couple weeks ago.  It feels like I'm part of some comix black market thing lately, with the dropping off and picking up of various packages here and there, and taping secret envelopes of money to things.  I spent part of Saturday in Seattle taking the free comic to stores.  I was so intent I forgot to have lunch or get hungry until I got back to Olympia to do more deliveries and spend time with my parents.  By the time I left for Portland I was death tripping on pork chops and granola mixed with Cocoa Krispies, which I never have when I'm in my usual orbit.

The sunshine is exposing all the grime that has accumulated over the winter and it's time for Spring Cleaning.  I'm so glad I don't have to really be anywhere this weekend.

I've been having a lot of plate of shrimp moments these last couple weeks.  Startling really.
I do my best thinking on the bus...The more you drive, the less intelligent you are.