Tuesday, April 5, 2016

For a Better Tomorrow

I'm crabby today.  I woke up too early again and stuff from last week is carrying into this week.  For some reason the Man's Ruin stuff I found on YouTube today wasn't bringing me off the ledge so I tried this instead.  The image reminds me of home a little bit:

The weather's been so nice that I did some gardening yesterday.  The planter by my front door needs to get prettied up for spring.  It's just about empty now except for the two little flowers that were growing in it, plus a garden gnome and a lot of large black ants.  I did some trimming in the back yard too but that area needs serious surgery.  My grass is nearly gone and dandelions have already taken over.  But, the roses, lilacs and honeysuckle vines are still alive.

I'm waiting for season 3 of Rectify to come out on DVD.  The internet is being cagey about when this might happen.

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