Sunday, February 21, 2016

S-S-S-Saturday Nite

It's time for the monthly Twilight Rummage Sale report.  Everything got more awesome and frenetic with my new role as DJ added to my usual tabling duties.  I split the DJ part of things with another guy who is also starting out there.  I think my half was really good, despite a serious setback at the beginning when I discovered there was a problem with my turntable's needle.  I had to make my laptop do what the vinyl couldn't, and everything worked out pretty well.  A lot of people said nice things about the songs I chose.  I think I feel brave enough to try to do this somewhere else soon.  Not only that, but a guy who sells stuff at the table offered me a chance to apply for a slot in a new radio station that's starting up.  That's a pretty nice compliment.

Oh yeah, and sales were pretty good too.  I didn't buy a thing either, and took home almost nothing from the free table.  Weird!

I had a car last night and this morning so I took several bags of things to the Goodwill truck that's parked in the Lodge's lot, just before loading in for the sale.  I also donated a large suitcase that I haven't used since I went to Toronto Comic Arts Festival in 2012.  I prefer to travel really light, carrying my luggage onto the plane as much as possible, so I don't think I'll miss it at all.  Oh yeah, then I went to Far West Fibers to get rid of recycling.  They're not taking styrofoam anymore!

Ok, I have to push on while I still have the car so I'll say bye for now.  I'll leave you with one of the songs I used last night. 

Thursday, February 18, 2016

What Was I Thinking

I tried to retire this dumb blog and I think my impulse backfired.  I guess I need it as much as ever, so why pretend anymore.  Sometimes blogging feels like tying notes onto rocks and throwing them off a bottomless cliff, but I'm not really doing it for anyone else but myself and it's helped me get this far with everything I have to do.

Cancer has entered my life again in a huge way over the holidays - not me, but someone I love dearly, and I'm trying to spend a lot of time with them and do what I can for them.  I'm looking at life in a way that I haven't really observed it since early 2012, and it isn't fun or life-affirming.  I don't feel like going into a whole lot more detail here.  At least I have friends and family and art to hold me up.  I really don't want to go back on medication again after being off them so long and doing so well, so I tell myself I have a perfect right to be depressed right now. 

Since last year I've been drawing more comix.  I'm working on a new one now.  Some of the only things that makes me feel better are making art and cleaning the house, so I better get to it.  So what if most of my readers are in Russia.