Friday, January 1, 2016

Symbolism Overdrive

It's the first day of 2016, and it's sparkling out without a cloud in the sky.  Some people are taking advantage of the clear weather and clearing out space.  That means free stuff on the sidewalk for me!

I think this is a small bookshelf.  I also found a small, pretty painting of a woman's face, turned backwards here.  I'm not one to sneeze at a free set of shelves.  It was heavy!  I carried it down the block a little way and I was already carrying my laptop in a shoulder bag.  I included the clay flower pots in the photo to show you when free stuff goes wrong!  I carted these home over a year ago and they are still in my driveway because I think they might be full of spiders.  I haven't had the nerve to pick them up and toss them.

I don't really make resolutions, it's more like a to-do list, and most of it is stuff I was doing in 2015.  I just want to do many of the same things but more and better.   Here are some things I didn't do last year that I'd like to do now:
  • go to Iceland
  • adopt a pet
  • publish a comic/zine other than one of my own
I met up with some of my best friends to celebrate last night and we watched Logan's Run.  I walked home in the freezing starlight and I played music from my phone distract me from the cold.

I'd forgotten that Falling and Laughing was the first book I read in 2015, a memoir by Grace Maxwell about her partner Edwyn Collins' recovery from a major stroke.  Edwyn is the guy singing this song, in case you didn't know.

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