Saturday, December 12, 2015

Where I'm Calling From

It turns out that Hannibal has been cancelled.  This displeases me.
Not by coincidence I'm listening to Hannibal Buress while I'm looking for images of Mads Mikkelsen as Hannibal.  It turns out that a lot of links to HB come up when you Google the title of my TV show.  Now I'm laughing soundlessly with my eyes bulging, while looking at photos of mutilated corpses and courteous European psychopaths, and typing this thing.  I'm sitting in a public place too, just to complete the effect.  Someone called the police on a guy at the museum today for doing less than that.

I'm finishing my dumb zine.  The cover is getting screenprinted by my friend Chris Cilla and that part will be ready pretty soon.  While I like the holidays I wish they fell somewhere in midyear because there is just too much to do to get anything meaningfully done at the end of the year.


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