Sunday, October 18, 2015

In the Night Time

It's time for my review of the latest Twilight Rummage Sale, which was last night at the usual place.  Now that fall is here the crowds are getting bigger and the dealers are looking a little perkier because sales generally pick up around now.  I did pretty well.  I  came with two boxes of DVDs and left with one.   I brought a bigger number of horror movies with me this time, with successful results.
I had my laptop with me so I decided to make it a party for everyone.  I had enough battery power in my laptop to show Killers From Space and Ghostbusters.  An older guy asked me if he could buy my laptop.  It was display only, but it reminded me that I have little idea where or how to buy a new one.  I told him he could maybe get one at the Mac store, but my recommending a Mac or Apple store to anyone is like telling them to stick their arm in a meat grinder.  When I pass one of those locations I feel the same way I felt watching the first ten minutes of The Wolf of Wall Street, i.e. adverse in the extreme. 

STILL have not won the raffle, but I'll keep trying. 

Monday, October 5, 2015

Great Googly Moogly

I had use of a car over the weekend and took some stuff to SCRAP that had been lingering for a while, as well as some recycling that needed to go to Far West Fibers.  I also gave to The Gaia Movement at one of their drop boxes on Hawthorne.  I like them because they take imperfect clothing and find reuses for it.  Also, the VVA Veterans are picking up from me today, a couple bags of clothing and household things.  They send a card in the mail with the date saying when they'll be in the neighborhood taking donations.  It's time to start getting ready for the next Frankenstein's Comic Book Swap and Comix Thing on November 7th, not to mention the Twilight Rummage Sale which is imminent this October 17th.  Making room is important for swap meet preparation!

I'm pleased to announce that my drum pedals, etc., have been fixed by a person at Trade Up Music on SE Division.  He only charged me for parts even though he did a lot of little tweaks with various wrenches on the nearly invisible connectors.  Recommended!!  I put everything together and it's ready to go.

Remember what I was saying about the lack of free stuff these last few months?  This weekend I more than made up for it at one guy's massive outdoor giveaway bonanza across the street from Stumptown Coffee at SE 34th & Belmont.  It was his stuff and his friend or roommate's and most of it was freakin' free!  I did pay 22 cents for a turtle-shaped planter but I didn't have to cough up a dime for these gems:
I would have passed on the boom box except it a) had a working tape player b) was FREE.  My old box doesn't play cassettes anymore.  The crow came attached with the tree, along with the note.  I don't care about the lights.  I'm setting this up with a song in my heart alongside my teal tree and traditional green (fake) tree this holiday season.  Help me celebrate early: