Sunday, September 6, 2015

Sunshine on a cloudy day

This was going to be a different kind of post, but since starting yesterday with cleaning, I thought otherwise.  Getting rid of stuff is hard, but it's often harder to have it around.  I've been sifting through huge quantities of paper items that fall under these main categories:
  • original art by Dylan
  • original art and prints by friends
  • vintage comic strips, cut/torn from ancient newspapers
  • paper for drawing/painting
September is a heavy month.  I might be trying to do a little too much right now.  That being said, at least I'm doing stuff I've been putting off forever.  

One of the things I miss about having a car is that I can't just load up and take things over to SCRAP or anyplace that takes stuff I don't want, so it sits around for longer than it would have a couple years ago.  Speaking of SCRAP, did you know that they moved downtown months ago?  I've been to their donation station but not inside the new retail space.  I've heard it's spectacular, as much as a place can be when it's filled floor to ceiling with random donated art supplies, which is exactly my idea of dazzling and amazing.

I got a new iPhone last week.  I'm not conversant in all of its powers but I can finally text groups of people.  I've been getting all texts too - my old phone would disappear some messages at random.  I took at look at my blog for a minute to see what some of you can see.  Everything is so mini - this will take getting used to.
Sometimes melancholy takes more melancholy to make a positive, so here you go.

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