Saturday, September 12, 2015

¡Qué lista!

Most days, if I remember, I make a to-do list.  This will have my stuff that I want to get done that day, like doing the laundry, picking up a prescription, making food for the next day.  So, no real surprises there.  Not as often, I make what I call the Ultimate To-Do List, which I know is a dumb-ass name but it's just as important to me.  Probably more important.  Those are the bigger projects that I want to complete, often without a specific end date in mind, but the list makes it so I don't forget them.  I put things on my daily to-do list that will help me finish the big stuff.

Now that I have a fancy phone I used it to make out such a list when I was bored.  What is on your list, if you have one?  Here are just a few things on mine:
  • Rewire chandelier so it plugs into wall
  • Replace broken drum pedal
  • Finish zine (ETA Short Run 2015)
  • Properly hook up stereo
The stereo has made a cliche out of me - I can't figure out how to connect it.  I've enlisted a friend but the last opportunity I had to fix it, looking at the connectors made me more tired than I already was.

Speaking of my new phone, I have a new app that is a task timer that allows me to create timed intervals with alerts to start new tasks.  It's called 30/30 but you can make time slots of any length, apparently.  I've been looking for a timer forever that would let me do this and I finally have one!!    I usually mark 20 minutes at a time on an egg timer to do chores so it will be nice to not have to reset anything.

Went to Enchanted Forest today for my friend's birthday celebration.  I gave myself the mission to take pics of the garden room in the haunted house for a reference I want to use in a painting.  Alas, the photos are in my phone and I don't yet know how to get them into my blog.

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