Sunday, September 27, 2015

Smashy Smashy

I have a basket for things that need mending, and I took some time this morning working on some of them.  I put a battery back in a smoke detector and stuck it back on the ceiling.  I hot-glued some crafts that had come apart, promptly sticking my fingertip in the fresh glue before the repair was complete.  I had been saving a china saucer that I thought I could also superglue, but I was missing a bit of it.  Maybe I thought I would find it by now, but I didn't, so I took a moment and broke it up on the floor and tossed it.  I'm not a dummy, dummy.  I put it in a bag before I threw it down.  I have a small sewing repair to do and I'll be about done with that old pile of stuff.

The free stuff on the sidewalk finds have been slim this year, but that's just fine.  A round-the-corner neighbor has been giving away a lot of stuff lately, often questionable goods that others might term recycling (glass jars, outdated software manuals, etc.).  I got a couple ice cube trays last week.  They make great earring holders!  You can put a pair in each little cube area and they don't get tangled or separated!  I put the ones don't hang with hooks in these trays.

I have a a shower-caddy type thing I got at a thrift store for about 49 cents for hook earrings.  I I have a matching one right below it for sunglassess. 

A couple friends recommended the BBC series The Fall to me and I'm on season 2.  I was reluctant because Jamie Dornan, the star of the bumbling Fifty Shades of Grey film is the killer in The Fall.  Dude can act, I was really surprised.  He's from Northern Ireland though, he's not getting the American thing right.  Don't feel hurt Jamie, Kenneth Branagh does it badly too and he's Mr. Shakespeare.

Wednesday, September 16, 2015

Well, Well, Well (Three Holes in the Ground)

Three years ago today I made my first blog post in Fitzrovians.  It's time to celebrate like a champ:

I almost blinded myself this time.  Those Icelandic folks do everything right, I tell you.

Just a few highlights from the many transformations my home has undergone in the last few years.  When I started this blog it had such a long way to go.  I'm really proud of all the work I've done.  Thanks for reading, whoever you are.

I would like a place I could call my own

Have a conversation on the telephone

Wake up every day that would be a start

I would not complain of my wounded heart

Saturday, September 12, 2015

¡Qué lista!

Most days, if I remember, I make a to-do list.  This will have my stuff that I want to get done that day, like doing the laundry, picking up a prescription, making food for the next day.  So, no real surprises there.  Not as often, I make what I call the Ultimate To-Do List, which I know is a dumb-ass name but it's just as important to me.  Probably more important.  Those are the bigger projects that I want to complete, often without a specific end date in mind, but the list makes it so I don't forget them.  I put things on my daily to-do list that will help me finish the big stuff.

Now that I have a fancy phone I used it to make out such a list when I was bored.  What is on your list, if you have one?  Here are just a few things on mine:
  • Rewire chandelier so it plugs into wall
  • Replace broken drum pedal
  • Finish zine (ETA Short Run 2015)
  • Properly hook up stereo
The stereo has made a cliche out of me - I can't figure out how to connect it.  I've enlisted a friend but the last opportunity I had to fix it, looking at the connectors made me more tired than I already was.

Speaking of my new phone, I have a new app that is a task timer that allows me to create timed intervals with alerts to start new tasks.  It's called 30/30 but you can make time slots of any length, apparently.  I've been looking for a timer forever that would let me do this and I finally have one!!    I usually mark 20 minutes at a time on an egg timer to do chores so it will be nice to not have to reset anything.

Went to Enchanted Forest today for my friend's birthday celebration.  I gave myself the mission to take pics of the garden room in the haunted house for a reference I want to use in a painting.  Alas, the photos are in my phone and I don't yet know how to get them into my blog.

Monday, September 7, 2015

Life in These United States

I'm doing better since yesterday and trying to get a lot of things done today while I have the day off.  I have a comic page to finish and a house to clean.

I'm going to try this method today to unclog the bathroom sink.  It uses vinegar and baking soda to clear the drain, and it's called a sink volcano.  I don't want to keep using the grossly toxic commercial drain cleaners.  You can use vinegar and baking soda for all kinds of cleaning around the house, and breathing vinegar fumes can't hurt you, though your bathroom will smell pickled. 

I first heard about safer, homemade cleaning products from a postcard designed by Stella Marrs.  In my blog I've also mentioned a small book I have: Make Your Place: Affordable, Sustainable Nesting Skills by Raleigh Briggs, which will give you other DIY nontoxic methods.   

Sunday, September 6, 2015

Sunshine on a cloudy day

This was going to be a different kind of post, but since starting yesterday with cleaning, I thought otherwise.  Getting rid of stuff is hard, but it's often harder to have it around.  I've been sifting through huge quantities of paper items that fall under these main categories:
  • original art by Dylan
  • original art and prints by friends
  • vintage comic strips, cut/torn from ancient newspapers
  • paper for drawing/painting
September is a heavy month.  I might be trying to do a little too much right now.  That being said, at least I'm doing stuff I've been putting off forever.  

One of the things I miss about having a car is that I can't just load up and take things over to SCRAP or anyplace that takes stuff I don't want, so it sits around for longer than it would have a couple years ago.  Speaking of SCRAP, did you know that they moved downtown months ago?  I've been to their donation station but not inside the new retail space.  I've heard it's spectacular, as much as a place can be when it's filled floor to ceiling with random donated art supplies, which is exactly my idea of dazzling and amazing.

I got a new iPhone last week.  I'm not conversant in all of its powers but I can finally text groups of people.  I've been getting all texts too - my old phone would disappear some messages at random.  I took at look at my blog for a minute to see what some of you can see.  Everything is so mini - this will take getting used to.
Sometimes melancholy takes more melancholy to make a positive, so here you go.