Sunday, August 23, 2015

Peer Pressure, Post Cold War

I've been pestering my artist friends Sean and Daria to take my double-decker flat file out of my place.  I missed my opportunity last weekend to show it to both of them in person, when they and several other fine individuals were in my house watching Eating Raoul.  Once it's out of my hands it's going to hold some first-rate prints and original art once more, you can take that to the bank.  I hope I'll be able to move it out this week, we'll see. 

I still have to store the stuff that's in the file drawers right now.  I will never have to buy new Bristol board again, for example.  My friend Kerri has returned from being overseas this past year, and she offered to help me get new plywood for shelves in that room.  She and I have plenty of vintage home decor field trips planned, as well as a day trip to the gorge pencilled in while she's here in town for the next month.  Kerri gave me the phenomenal bookcase that stands in my living room, when she moved out of the country.

It took me over an hour to write those little paragraphs, I've been conversing with some of the people I mentioned and copying some Pelican and MC Lyte cds.  I don't normally work this way.  I'm kind of zonked so I think I'll go home and do some housework.  It sounds like another movie night is in store.  If it was my turn to choose I might want to see this one:



Sunday, August 9, 2015

Hello my little Chickadee

I did the Twilight Rummage Sale last night at the Eagles Lodge.  It happened a week earlier than usual for reasons yet unknown, and the Bite of Oregon festival probably stole a lot of our potential visitors.  I did all right though.
The crowd there is totally right for the kind of stuff I keep bringing.  A lot of fans of film noir, British spy films/TV, horror of all kinds, and sci-fi B-movies.  Not doing so great: dramas about failing marriages in the 1970s, documentaries, or action films.  Here's a tip for you shoppers: when you set something down, you better make sure you pick it up again when you're still standing there.  I had a woman place a box set aside thinking I knew she wanted it, and another guy nearly nabbed it.  A guy who I see everywhere, who I used to think was J Mascis, left his UFO or Die 7" on my table and went home without it.  Don't worry dude, I'll hang onto it until I bump into you again.

I spoke to the guy who DJs the sale, who also happens to be one of my regular comics customers and a pretty nice person overall.  He showed me the equipment I'll need for when I DJ at the next Comix Thing happening in November.  I know it's super soon to be thinking about it but it turns out that I need a mixer, which I don't have.  I have everything else I need.  Another guy who works at the Lodge has offered to help me practice setting up and trying out everything.  When I worked at the radio stations they had everything there you needed, plugged in and ready to go, so this is the first time I have had to set up almost from scratch.  I have trouble figuring out how to set up my stereo at home so you can understand the head start I'm giving myself.  I know a lot of DJs and they are all so friendly and helpful, there are no snobs among them.

Wednesday, August 5, 2015

My Beautiful Laundrette

I can't believe I've left out my laundry room. Hanif Kureishi isn't going to write any love stories about this place, but it's all mine:

I hate the drain right beneath the dryer there in front.  I feel gross just looking at it.  It reminds me of that Dario Argento movie Inferno, with the hole in the floor leading to a watery room and a corpse floating around in it.
It's more than the place where I wash my clothes.  It's also the massive mega dvd library storage unitopolis.  I'm starting to take a lot of stuff out of here to sell at the Twilight Rummage Sale.  I don't like to own many movies, unless they're really special.  I don't even have a copy of My Own Private Idaho, and I'm ready to see that one again the moment the credits roll after a viewing.

See these horizontal file drawers?  They're packed full of nothing but Asian action movies.

Yes, another dollhouse. Shut up.
 There's a nice deep set of plywood shelves here of which I've made good use, as well as a view of some of the dvd library:
I don't have a master plan for this yet.  I'm still dealing with the books from that back room area, so talking about this spot is a minor distraction from that.  This room looks large here but it's tiny.  You can see it's absorbing some of the book overflow from other regions.  My stuff makes the Carnegie libraries look like chump change.

I went away for the weekend and had to spend a two-hour layover in LAX, which is like sitting in electrified garbage, but I saw this video on a monitor at a fake Hard Rock Cafe - style place.  So, it wasn't a totally terrible experience after all.  I've been listening to this guy at work now.  I like the drab 70s Masterpiece Theater film stock.