Sunday, July 19, 2015

Saturday night, Sunday morning

The Twilight Rummage Sale went super well, and I went home with half of the DVDs I brought to sell.  I've marked them way down since I discovered I have way more to sell than I once realized.  There's a lot still at home left over from The Bad Apple days as well as the personal ones that I don't need to keep anymore.

At the end of every evening at these sales there is a "free table" designated for those tablers who wish to simply lighten their loads for the way home.  I've been bringing stuff just to leave there and not sell, hoping it would find a user.  I had one of those old-fashioned men's razors with loads of razor refills.  I think it had to be from the 1970s, but it still would have been good to use for someone.  I put all the pieces and razors (safely encased in metal dispensers, you're welcome) in a baggie and someone claimed it from the free table.  If I had given it to Goodwill it would have been thrown out.  I threw some other thingies on the table as well.  I left the building several boxes lighter than when I arrived!

I hadn't been to the sale since April.  Last time I was there and the time before I had been seated next to a woman who gave me and my stuff a ride home in her van.  She bumped a truck while backing out of the lot and asked me if I thought she should speak to the other driver.  She then gave me a whole lot of advice about how to "cleanse" my house of my husband's spirit using sage, which of course she had on hand.  At times like this I find these people entertaining even when they're being douche-y and unintuititive.

Whatever, here's a video for a song that plays a role in the zine I'm working on.  I'm not so into this animation but it's better than looking at a black and white photo of the band for three minutes.  

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