Wednesday, June 3, 2015

With No Remorse

I've culled my wardrobe really thoroughly, and got everything hung and folded neatly.  I used to work at Buffalo Exchange and I still have a lot of my instincts about hanging and sorting clothes.  Everything faces left.  I button the top button to keep shirts in place.

I'll edit this post later to show a pic of the closet.  The sliding doors are long gone (you can see then leaning against the flat file in my previous post), and I hung curtains that I never draw, but I still like the way they look!

I've taken out the ancient, rolled-up wool rug from under the bed and vacuumed it.  I put it in the living room to see if it is truly the moth farm I suspect it to be.  I vacuumed beneath the bed too, which has been needing it forever, and I found a comb I've been missing for months.  Not sure how it got under there with the duvet feathers.

As another important duty for the day I shall endeavour to prepare my goods for Frankenstein's Comic Book Swap on June 27.  It's June bitches!  The comics fiscal year has begun!
If you don't get this reference, just stop reading and never return. KIDDING! I have nine followers, I bow to each of you.

And...the less entrancing view of the shortbox sorting shitshow. 

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