Monday, May 25, 2015

Holy Calamity

I have a deadline of June 27th to get the flat file cleaned out and the contents ready for another edition of Frankenstein's Comic Book Swap that very day.  So, I really need to be ready the night before, but if it's anything like last time, I'll be scooping things into boxes the morning of.  Oh, and then that same evening is Comix Thing, just like last time.  I'll update my links as we get closer to the actual day of the events. 

Stuff I've found in the file drawers is blowing my mind.  In addition to assloads of comic art miscellaneous:
  • A thick wad of ancient Zip-A-Tone sheets, multiple patterns 
  • More tiny green wooden Monopoly houses.  Why are these here?  Is the universe trying to tell me something?
  • The Mummy figurine I'd been searching for, to go with a treasure chest of some kind I already had sitting around.  I'm still missing the base but it's probably in a drawer I haven't looked in yet.

I have less stuff to prepare for next month's events but the boxes seem heavier.  Everything that was piled on top of the file is going with me to Frankenstein's.  And, not to disparage Dylan, but he sure jammed a lot of stuff into these drawers at crazy angles.

I spent the weekend away and now I'm tired and feeling behind on everything.  My living room looks like a living nightmare and I have moths.  At least the ants have abated.

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