Monday, April 20, 2015

The Successful Closet

I can't believe I never went into detail on the linen closet.  This was the first part of my house I really went overboard on sorting.  I touched on covering the shelves before but not much else.
Common sense has to rule in your linen/bathroom supply cabinet as elsewhere, probably a little more than in other areas of your house.  If you're like me you probably have medicine, soaps, toilet paper and other necessaries in there besides towels and sheets.  I don't have a normal medicine cabinet inside the bathroom.  This is where the first aid supplies are so it's important to keep everything orderly for an emergency grab, like when I dropped a brick on my foot last year and it bled for 3 hours straight.  

February marked two years since I started Fake Job Inc., that is, my volunteer position at the museum, but I'm celebrating this month because my ID runs out in April.  It gets its place of honor next to Real Job With No Paycheck (Sparkplug/Bad Apple), Real Job I Almost Forgot I Had (CAD position 2012), and the present Real Job Inc. where I work now and where I'm very happy.

I visited Table City II and III (or III & IV?) in a huge way over the weekend, with Linework both days and the Twilight Rummage Sale on Saturday afternoon and evening.  It was a little too much, what with Gridlords starting things off on Friday night.  It was fun and exhausting and maddening.  The hammer blow to the face came with the after-party at White Owl Social Club.  We arrived to a rave in full swing in the back patio.  I had a sandwich and hugged my friends and took off for the night.

This song, especially with the video, always makes me feel better.

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