Saturday, April 18, 2015

Hella Tight

My friend Lark came by and fetched all the books she chose for herself and a mutual friend she's visiting soonish.  I had few enough things on the bookcases to move the whole thing over a few inches and clean around it a little.  Behind them I found a small pair of scissors and a wire hanger.  I can't begin to guess what else is back there where I can't see.

Soooo...I have a lot more freedom to move around.  I think my drum kit should go in here!

Now that I've got the books more or less situated, the next thing is to handle the flat file and everything in/on it.  It's going to be like that huge chest of drawers Pippi Longstocking had.
No chest of drawers still - here's some awesome noodles instead.
PS I wrote this a couple weeks ago but forgot to post it.  I've got a few old posts that I just never got around to adding pics or something so they're lingering in the queue.  

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