Thursday, April 23, 2015

Space Case Disgrace

I've been having sleep problems on and off for a few years now and I'm finally doing something about it.  I saw my doctor today for my routine checkup and I told her what's been happening, which is that I sleep 5-6 hours straight, then wake up and can't go back to sleep before my alarm goes off.  She is going to put me in a sleep study that I can do at home!  I don't know yet what that entails but someone else has to call me from the clinic about it.  My doctor thinks the sleep thing might be the cause of a couple other minor health issues I've been having, so I have even more reason to look forward to a solution.

As a result of this problem, housework has been neglected and I'm a little cranky.  I really have no business handing out housekeeping advice to anyone under these circumstances.

Did you ever see something that was so amazing that when you thought about it later, you didn't know if you remembered it right?  That's what happened to me and this place I drove by with my sister and my mom about 5 years ago near Madison, WI.  It wasn't just the massive ducttape lettering or the words "beer lube" that grabbed my eyes:
It was the deer lawn ornament that graced the roof of the building:
What?  Is it a "stag" joke?  Take note that the deer is smaller than any one of the letters in "Naughty Novelties".

I wish I got pictures of my own but this was all they had on Google Images.  Sadly, this landmark burned down some time later.  Photographing it then would have involved a lot of awkward explanation to my mom about what I found funny about it, or hearing my mom reading the sign in her Midwestern accent.  Now, I'm not sure what made me think about it today, but didn't this make your day too?

Monday, April 20, 2015

The Successful Closet

I can't believe I never went into detail on the linen closet.  This was the first part of my house I really went overboard on sorting.  I touched on covering the shelves before but not much else.
Common sense has to rule in your linen/bathroom supply cabinet as elsewhere, probably a little more than in other areas of your house.  If you're like me you probably have medicine, soaps, toilet paper and other necessaries in there besides towels and sheets.  I don't have a normal medicine cabinet inside the bathroom.  This is where the first aid supplies are so it's important to keep everything orderly for an emergency grab, like when I dropped a brick on my foot last year and it bled for 3 hours straight.  

February marked two years since I started Fake Job Inc., that is, my volunteer position at the museum, but I'm celebrating this month because my ID runs out in April.  It gets its place of honor next to Real Job With No Paycheck (Sparkplug/Bad Apple), Real Job I Almost Forgot I Had (CAD position 2012), and the present Real Job Inc. where I work now and where I'm very happy.

I visited Table City II and III (or III & IV?) in a huge way over the weekend, with Linework both days and the Twilight Rummage Sale on Saturday afternoon and evening.  It was a little too much, what with Gridlords starting things off on Friday night.  It was fun and exhausting and maddening.  The hammer blow to the face came with the after-party at White Owl Social Club.  We arrived to a rave in full swing in the back patio.  I had a sandwich and hugged my friends and took off for the night.

This song, especially with the video, always makes me feel better.

Saturday, April 18, 2015

Hella Tight

My friend Lark came by and fetched all the books she chose for herself and a mutual friend she's visiting soonish.  I had few enough things on the bookcases to move the whole thing over a few inches and clean around it a little.  Behind them I found a small pair of scissors and a wire hanger.  I can't begin to guess what else is back there where I can't see.

Soooo...I have a lot more freedom to move around.  I think my drum kit should go in here!

Now that I've got the books more or less situated, the next thing is to handle the flat file and everything in/on it.  It's going to be like that huge chest of drawers Pippi Longstocking had.
No chest of drawers still - here's some awesome noodles instead.
PS I wrote this a couple weeks ago but forgot to post it.  I've got a few old posts that I just never got around to adding pics or something so they're lingering in the queue.