Sunday, February 22, 2015


There's something about this room that simply resists progress.  But, it's obvious now that something is taking place:

Here's what I did: moved a bookcase out of here and donated to Better Bargains.  I placed the original particle-board shelving on the 2x4s that are built on either side.  They are sagging because they are old and crappy.  I'll have to get some plywood to replace them eventually, or build more supports.

Here's a fun fact: do you know why 2x4s are called that, when they are not 2" thick by 4" wide?  It's because that's how large they are after they are milled, but they shrink after the lumber company kiln-dries the moisture out of the wood.  As if anyone cares, but that took me years to figure out.

My mom was staying with me for two weeks while we did some serious work.  First, she reupholstered my Mid-Century Modern sofa with new fabric.  It's a heavenly glowing vision now, and it's so comfy to sit on.  And yet, it still has Mad Men-esque streamlined perfection.  Come on, half the reason to watch that program is for the interior design, right?

Next she and I tore up the carpet in my living room and hallway, to reveal the hardwood floors that had been there all along.  Not satisfied with merely buffing out the staple wounds and scrapes of past installations, my mom went over many of the bumps and gouges and puttied/painted/polyurethaned to camouflage the worst damage.  Now it looks sooooo great that I feel like I have a new house!  Thanks Mom!!!
I'll add a pic of the sofa later.  My camera was nearly out of batteries when I took these today.