Sunday, January 11, 2015

Good News/Bad News

It turns out that Powells Books no longer goes to people's houses and buys stuff, unless you have thousands of books.  Apparently hundreds are not enough, you must have a store's worth of material to merit a house call.  Ah well, time for plan B.  I found out that Friends of the [Multnomah County] Library will do pickups, so I shall donate the bulk of what I have left.

This week is a year since I started my car-free life, with no end in sight!!  I feel a "Clapton is God" moment coming on:

In the vein of "good news" is another thrift store that does pickups of furniture.  Better Bargains, one of my favorite places in town, actually will take furniture if you make an appointment.  I'm timing the book donation right before the bookcases get taken away.  I could have opened a furniture store, but I chose to generously give.  No really, the thrift stores are doing me a favor by driving to my place and hauling sh*t away!

I've started blogging again in earnest as a way to cope with the winter blues, yuck.  They're not bad but December was a stressful month and I'm finally starting to accept that we're in a new year.  Be back soon!