Sunday, June 8, 2014

Donate to a great comics cause!

I'm getting ready to make a sizable donation of small press/self published comics.  Don't worry, if you're reading this I'm most likely keeping your stuff unless I've got doubles!  Over at the Ohio State University, they have a special collection of just such things named after my husband Dylan.  I'm really honored on his behalf to contribute a lot of the work he collected over the last couple decades.  Dylan discovered a lot of amazing work that might get overlooked, because small press stuff tends to not get the publicity and distribution it deserves. 

Caitlin McGurk is curating the Dylan Williams Collection, please contact her at or call 614-292-0538.  I mentioned her in a previous post ages ago.  She's super nice and learned on the subject of indie comics and zines.

As a lot of you know, Dylan's and my books and comics together make a vast personal library, and going through them is a massive undertaking.  I'm keeping a ton of stuff, but it feels like I could build another house with the volume of materials that I have on hand. 

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