Friday, April 18, 2014

Dirt Life

I'm going to need to bring the hose inside and spray down everything because my planting and building is bringing a lot of mess into the kitchen.  I'm trying to sprout some starts so there is potting soil everywhere.  I tracked in some mud from the backyard while making the garden box.  I've been filling it with dirt all week and it still needs more.  I've supplemented it with compost, including all the stuff I've been brewing in my Earth Machine.  The chickens from next door sure love my compost.  I'm hoping they'll add a little fertilizer of their own to my little garden.  I'm ready for more serious labor this weekend.  Aaaaaannnndddd...some real planting of real seeds and shoots in the place I've been preparing for them all this time!
I'll get a newer pic with dirt and stuff real soon.
 I'll be at the Twilight Rummage sale again tomorrow night.  Won't you visit?  All monies that I earn go towards some important shit.  Like more plants!  And paint!

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