Thursday, December 12, 2013

Ranty Xmas, Everyone!

Hey all, I've got my Christmas deco up, looking sweet!  I'll put up some pictures later.  I'm saving it as a surprise for a party I'm throwing this weekend.  Yeah!!  I've got to put some lights in the windows though.  There's no point if there's no lights.

I found a sneery op-ed piece here decrying the having of holiday trees by folks who are childless (such as myself).  I'm pretty sure it's tongue in cheek, and there's a counterpoint addressing my own opinion, but it still made me mad!  I have three trees this year.  I like sparkly stuff dammit.  I like decorations and holidays period.  Any holiday.  I dress more or less like a human Christmas tree for any given occasion.  I'd love to have a least one kid someday.  Why should they have all the fun?  Wouldn't they want their mom to be living a rad, colorful life until the day they find themselves under my roof?  Well, that's going to be me, year round.  And I'm ratcheting it up for this most wonderful time of the year.
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