Monday, October 7, 2013

Bleak House / Rad House

The Austere Before:
Yeah, those are prescription bottles on the coffee table, it's that dull in here.  I need to channel Neely O'Hara in this kind of atmosphere.  There wouldn't even be that secretary at right if it hadn't been too large for me to move after taking all the other furniture out of the way.  The word "neutral"  can be pejorative when used to describe the palette of this habitat.  

The Vibrant After:

I learned a valuable lesson about priming, which is to do it, which I didn't this time.  But I'm so pleased with how everything looks.  Even though it could stand to be touched up near the ceiling just a bit more.  Maybe no one will notice.

I didn't plan to move EVERYTHING in the room around, but I just about did.  Surprisingly, the stereo & record cabinet was the heaviest of all to move, even with all the stuff taken out of it.  I like a mix of antiques and modern furniture, as you can see.  I have to stop myself from completely re-organizing everything as I go along.  I'm just making it neat and clean for now.

I went buck wild at an estate sale a week ago and bought a bunch of milk glass & other goodies.  That was after I'd already been to another estate sale where everything was free on the upper floor.  I filled a small box with trinkets, like an adorable min vase with a flapper girl standing next to it.  So what if she only has one arm?  That's what fimo is for.

I started to watch Andrei Tarkovsky's film Solaris today.  It's so intense, and I've barely begun watching it!  It's making me want to watch Stalker again, by the same director. 

I also watched a short but powerful documentary about Dolores Hart, who left Hollywood as a young woman in the early 1960s to become a Benedictine nun in a cloistered monastery.  She played St. Clare in the Frances of Assisi movie, who also became a nun and founded the Poor Clares. 


  1. The room looks great! Kudos!!

    I want to watch Solaris again. It's been a long time. I saw Stalker a couple of years ago & it was good but so weird!

    1. Stalker was almost too weird for me when I saw it, but I'm ready for another go. Solaris is spooky!!