Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Asylum Blackout

I was taking the above picture when the power went out all over the neighborhood.  I had a brainwave about doing a blog post on my many containers.  The examples above are only a drop in the bucket compared to what I have at my disposal.  Tackle boxes are really great for all kinds of things, especially if you ever plan to carry them to other places.  The clear plastic box on the right with the buttons and beads has dividers that can be adjusted.  I use something like this to sort out all of my nails, screws, and picture hanging stuff.  And of course, there's my personal favorite, the shoebox-sized clear container.  All of these stack really well and that's important in keeping shelves neat.

I can get carried away with sorting beads and buttons.  When I was little I loved to handle buttons and put them in their little drawers that my mom had for them, one of those hardware-sorting mini drawer sets.

So, after I shot a few pictures the lights went out completely.  For a moment I thought I'd blown a fuse even though I hadn't plugged in anything new.  I had to use the camera to light my way to where I knew I had a flashlight; that is, I took pictures with the flash until I got where I needed to be.  Thusly I ended up with a lot of pictures that looked like this:
I lit about a dozen candles around my apartment.  I wish I had some photos of how great that looked!

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