Saturday, July 13, 2013

Rosebush Negligent Homicide III

I attacked the weeds in my garden today and pulled out a million, I even got some of their roots.  The chickens next door came over to feast on all the scurrying critters that I unearthed.  When I was almost ready to call it a night, I found a surprise waiting for me amongst the last of the weeds.  The nubs of the rosebush!  From the way it was mangled, it looked like it got hit with the mower.  But, there were some tiny hopeful leaves near the base.  I put some fertilizer pellets near the roots and cleaned up the stems with the rose nipper.  Roses have a way of coming back from the dead so maybe it will thrive in time.

I have a feeling I'll be paying for my labor tomorrow in muscle aches.  I put my all into gardening today.  I got an especially stubborn woody pest of a plant that had really deep roots.  There's some bizarre treelike thing growing near my compost bin.  I keep watering it to see what it will turn into, but I think I'm going to regret it.

I'm going down to the basement to make a shelf space for all the things I want to store up for the next Twilight Rummage Sale.  I won't be able to attend until next month, so I'm getting a little too obsessed with it.  I've even made colorful signs for the different things I'm bringing. 

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