Tuesday, July 9, 2013


Did a little today that had big results, in my studio space.  I finally moved a file cabinet across the room, and that got me shifting around a few other furniture pieces and random bits.  The floor space is clear for now and I have a place to put my printer and scanner.  I have a little double-decker red vintage end table that can hold both!  No more toppling too-small tables to hold one or the other!

A couple days ago I went through my file folders and shredded a lot of old documents.  I recycled three paper bags' worth of paper strips!  I also created some new folders.  Now most of the things I need put away are already in the drawer.

I had an annoying and mysterious thing happen in my own yard in the last couple days.  There was a tiny rosebush near my fence that had not bloomed in a long time, but I thought if I gave it the same attention I was giving to my tomatoes I might see some happy results.  I decided to weed and fertilize around the plants today, but before I could, I looked out my sliding glass door and noticed the bush was gone!  Who would take it?  It had been there for ages.  Someone mowed my lawn over the weekend (my landlords have it done) but I can't imagine one of them taking it out randomly, especially since all the weeds are still there.  Even weirder, the ground looks nearly undisturbed.  My neighbors ran their sprinkler for over two hours, which splashed right over the spot, so I think any evidence melted away.  Or was there ever really a rose bush there to begin with??

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