Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Needs Improvement

Put together a new bookcase tonight, hammered the last nails in, and then placed it against the wall.  Then I noticed something wasn't right.  Can you guess what it is?
I'm going to pull out the nails and flip the back tomorrow.  At least I didn't have to use glue to attach it.  And I have plenty of extra nails if I mess up the ones from the package.

That's a scene from Modern Family on my laptop there, I was watching while I worked.  It strangely always reminds me of my own family even though none of the characters are much like any particular person I'm related to.

I'm doing way better than I have in over two years now.  My therapist thought I was doing so well that we agreed I could come for "as needed" sessions from now on.  That was almost a month ago.

I'll be doing Twilight Rummage Sale again this month, provided I can get a table.  I put the contact information here for anyone who wants to look into this for themselves.  Fun fun!

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