Friday, July 12, 2013

Deadlines and Broomsticks

The rosebush was not found, and my landlord didn't return my call, so I guess I better get on with my life.  It's not a big deal. I just thought it would be a new little project.  That's what I get for neglecting my plants for years and now trying to be a good horticulturalist.  I'm like Tommy Lee Jones in The Missing, and the plants are my Cate Blanchetts. 

I set myself the goal of getting my rearranging of my living quarters done by bedtime this Wednesday.  I'm having some family time in a week so I want to have it out of the way.  That means:
  • setting up my new bookcase in the studio, and putting my books and craft supplies in it
  • moving the old bookcase downstairs 
  • moving the boxes of comics into a closet in the studio
  • setting up some shelves in the closet to hold the comics
I have a couple bookcases that I'm having a friend look at this week to see if she wants them, but if not I'll have to give them away.  I've also got to move my records and other art supplies from the basement, as well as some of the artwork that I want on the walls!!

I'm displeased to report that Far West Fibers has updated its policies on what they will and won't accept.  Gone are the bins for plastic film and bags.  They only accept plastic items with a recycling number on the bottom, and not all of them at that.  Also, they don't take as many old appliances as they used to.  I'm hoping that another place will start collecting the other kinds of plastic.  I'm still a fan of FWF though. 

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