Thursday, April 11, 2013

Rites of Spring

When I said that I had cleared out the refrigerator the other day, that was true, but it wasn't the whole story.  I had removed containers of chutney, miso, kimchee, and lots of good smelly stuff that I was slowly dumping into the compost I was collecting.  I got pretty much all of it into the bin today.  The words "vomit sundae" came to mind as I was piling it into the compost-collecting bowl.  I inadvertently discovered how to make friends with the neighbor's chickens in the process.  They seemed very interested in the fact that I was holding a shiny metal bowl when I was on the patio, and they all hopped through the gap in the fence to investigate.  Instant feathered friends!  Their owner saw us, and I got a free tour of their coop/pen and four fresh eggs, all different colors! 

I got up a bit late today, because I couldn't fall asleep last night.  I managed to get a lot done in spite of that.  I went with a friend to Far West Fibers to do some intense recycling.  Sadly, they are not accepting rigid plastics right now, only the bags/film and bottles with necks.

I plan to clean out my car as soon as the weather is better, along with the planter that is right next to my front door.  It's filled with weeds and the plants that should be there are way overgrown.  It's time to also clean up the flower pots with the geraniums!  I'm looking forward to getting more plants this spring and having a garden again.

I've kept up with staying off the daytime TV but I think tonight is the first night I'll be going to bed at a reasonable time.  I just get so busy with little things close to midnight and I just want to keep going.  Not tonight, I'm just too tired.

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