Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Beds and Blockheads

I'm not where I can do any real work right now.  There's been a couple entries where I mentioned by new bed, but forgot to say where it came from.  I want to plug this company, Mission Craft Furniture, because they're local and affordable, and they do all the work custom right in their shop on St Helen's Road, Portland.  I wanted something extremely simple that I just wasn't finding on Craigslist or at estate sales.  The owner took my order and had the parts made and delivered (there might be a small fee for that, I can't remember), then they set it up right in the bedroom.  That was a year ago.  They had all kinds of styles and woods, and you can just point at what you want and say, I'll have that kind of leg with this kind of headboard and this finish, blah blah blah.  I even specified how high I wanted the platform built so I could store things underneath.  My bed is just legs with a frame on top for the slats, no head or footboards, but if I need another new bed someday I would go to them.  I feel pretty strongly about getting used stuff over new with just about anything. 

Ian Dury named his record "New Boots and Panties!!" because that was all he would buy new for himself, I can understand that point of view.

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