Saturday, February 9, 2013

Needles & Pins

I haven't done any book reviews in a while so I thought I'd write this up.  It's Tokyo: A Certain Style by Kyoichi Tsuzuki.  It's a very small (4.25" x 5.75") volume about the tiny apartments in which people in Tokyo live, really it's a photo book with lots of short paragraphs about the types of people that live in each space.  I'm very fortunate to have a apartment that's fairly big for a single dweller, but there's a lot of unusual things in this book that anyone can use if they need ideas for storing and stacking their possessions.  For folks with minimal square footage at their disposal, a lot of the subjects of this book are not what you'd call minimalists!
I got this when I worked at Reading Frenzy years ago, and you can still get it at Powells, but it looks like you have to order it.

This has been a strange week.  I've been feeling a little wistful over an event that is related to the big picture of what's happening with me.  Also for many days now I've been having some fucked-up dreams, I only remember about half of them and I'm not sure where they're all coming from.  I am getting up earlier in the morning than I used to though.

On another bright note, my job hunt is turning up more leads than ever.  Everything I do is for a better tomorrow.

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