Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Crust, Mantle, Core, Magma

"Ha ha ha," laughed the evil, mean Basement.  "You thought you had come so far, and now you must face another trial."

It's time to move from the main room in the basement to its outer reaches.  I mean the room behind the room, which became a DigiWorld of comics, extra furniture, and even more books.  I could build a whole new house with just books.  That's a microfiche machine on the left, remember those?  I've been dreading this task for a while, because some of this stuff might not have anywhere else to go.  The room is small so it's hard to get a good vantage point with a camera.  This is a pretty convincing panorama though. 

I feel like I'm living in the House of Usher this week.  Every room has its little frozen-in-time place that has a life of its own, it's not always easy or fun to encounter them.  I found some papers I'd been searching for since over a year ago, and now I no longer need them.  They were in that room above, far away from where I thought they'd ever be. 

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