Thursday, January 31, 2013

New Is Old

I've been keeping scrapbooks since about 1997, with ideas that I clip from magazines and newspapers.  There are hundreds of pages with images of interior design stuff, as well as clothes and hair and such.  Here's a picture I took of some of the pages:
Scrapbooks are a really good idea, or even just folders of clippings if you are working on some kind of home renovation project.  Even if I really just like a color combination in a photo I'll cut it out.  The books I keep them in are the large blank sketch books with the black pebbly covers, but you can use anything.  These particular ones are pretty heavy now and don't fit upright on most shelves, but they hold the larger images very nicely.  As you can see my aesthetics are all over the place.  Maybe someday I'll put in some photos of my living room or office to give you an idea of what I surround myself with.

The "secret" project I mentioned in this post is done, at least my part of it.  I did a design for a friend's bathroom, which hasn't been renovated yet, but I wanted to use the drawings for my portfolio.  Also, the end design is going to be different.  So, what you are seeing here is my portfolio page layout.  I think I need to look at it tomorrow when I've had some sleep and see what I think.  I deliberately took out the name of the person whose house it's in, but maybe you can guess?!
I will freely admit that my InDesign skills need polishing, and that I realized as I was wrapping up for the evening some things that would improve a few details.  But overall I'm pretty happy with it.  The drawings were done in AutoCAD, a drafting program, then rendered in Photoshop.  A village of software programs made this 11x17 page.

Most of the work I've been doing in my own house has started in my imagination and then led to massive amounts of furniture being moved.  I did a little sketching for the office but I really just visualized things as I went along.

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