Sunday, October 7, 2012

Heavy Matter

This looks like a lot of books, and it IS a lot of books!  But it's far from all of them.  This is just what is in my living room right now, and there are many more in another room waiting to join them.  These belonged to my husband Dylan, they are part of his special collection that I'm getting ready to donate to a college library.  I've had some friends over to help with sorting them, and they've done me the great favor of taking some for their own personal bookshelves.  They were also friends of Dylan's during his lifetime, so I know the books will be enjoyed.

This has been a difficult process.  It is hard to let go of them even though I didn't use them myself a whole lot.  I am making sure to keep many that I love especially.  I have a habit of placing too much importance on how something is used once it leaves my possession - this is partly why I obsessively recycle and donate goods.  The funny thing is I usually don't regret getting rid of things. 

The basement cleaning continues, but the "book parties" as I've been calling them have been my focus for the last three days.  I'm dreading the part where I catalog them for tax purposes, but one thing at a time.

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  1. Emily, I'm so glad to read that Dylan's books are going to a college library. They will no doubt entertain and excite new generations of culture lovers. Which is a great thing.