Monday, October 8, 2012

Heavy Matter Pt. 2

A couple friends came over tonight and helped me move more books - I think I am ready to take this donation process to the next level!  There are about twice as many book stacks now in my living room.

I will be contacting my accountant tomorrow to ask about tax deductions and itemizing the things that are going.  After running a sole proprietorship this whole year, I want to get the maximum deduction possible!  I had to pay a massive amount of tax this year and I don't want to experience that again.  As I'm donating a few hundred books, I want to do the least amount of work possible to get the deduction form complete.

As for the basement, that is coming along very well.  If the great weather holds up into next week I'd like to have a small garage sale.  That might be a good way to say goodbye to a few pieces of furniture that are clogging up the floor area down there.  I have two lovely chairs and a side table that I can't really use, as well as all of those books and household goods I couldn't get rid of otherwise.

I've been cycling a bit through my emotions - I feel a sense of accomplishment for a while, and then I feel low.  I keep reminding myself that a few months ago I was going through a similar thing when I had to get rid of some old furniture in order to make room for a gift of new furniture.  I got through that, and I've had a lot of experience trying to make the basement the way I want.  Maybe I just have to give up on the basement altogether!

One tool I've found useful for this project is an egg timer.  If I set it for about half an hour and just clean and sort (or use it for any other chore), and I stick to it.  When I set a time limit, I look harder for little things that need doing.  I don't try to rush, but I do try to be more thorough.

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