Sunday, September 16, 2012

Basement Conniption

I'm starting this blog partly to motivate myself to get my basement in better order.  This is what it looks like now, more or less:

Here's another view of it, looking towards the garage entrance:

As you can see, there's almost no visible path through the mess.  It's quite dangerous, in fact.  There's a great many things that were set down just because they could be carried no further, so they piled up on top of one another.  There's been more than one small avalanche.

These were taken about three days ago.  There's been a tiny improvement since, but not much.  This all is a result of cleaning out the store I used to run with my friend Tim, as well as the move of the publishing company I also run.

It's important for me to keep on this project for many reasons.  Besides the obvious eyesore this is, I've been struggling against depression and anxiety for a year.  Chaos like this makes it all worse for me, and when I am anxious or depressed I am less likely to complete chores like this one.  More importantly, if I feel bad I don't do the things I really enjoy doing.  Keeping my hands busy and working through this kind of stuff helps me feel better.  So in a way, this is also a blog about how I'm dealing with those issues.

I'll post some more pictures very soon with the progress I've already made, and the ideas I've had for the cleanup.  I think it will be fun, if challenging.

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