Sunday, January 14, 2018

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It's 2018 now - I wish I could sound more excited about it but I'm having the S.A.D. on and off these last couple days.  Weekends can be rough sometimes.  I think I may be having some delayed grief from the one-year anniversary of losing my mom.  It's a weird gloomy time, and best to stay busy and have a to-do list to tick off.  Last night I put some little succulent plants in pretty containers.

One great thing that has become reality, just recently, is the floor in my basement.  Look at the contrast from years ago!

It's no longer got a big pile of junk in the center of it (just a small one). Among the items that were under the SCRAP giveaway pile were a couple of old, nice framed prints, a baby picture of Dylan's grandfather (I think), a Japanese monster poster featuring Ultra Man, and an antique china platter.  Also, beneath that was a molded plywood chair that needs fixing, which is on my to-do list also.  It's too soon to say, but I think I won't have any more path-blocking objects EVER AGAIN.

The Twilight Rummage Sale last month was disappointing in that I lost money for the first time that I can recall.  It was still fun, just poorly attended compared to previous ones.  It was competing with a few other holiday events.

I don't think I mentioned this before, but the Buy Nothing group for my neighborhood got so large that it had to split into smaller groups, specific to my little Portland neighborhood.  It's good that there are so many interested, but I liked that there were so many people ready to jump at a giveaway offer.  There was almost no chance of getting refused.  And, I got my own requests taken care of like magic.  I've now given away my drawing table, an office chair, and my old bass guitar since the new group formed.  I had an irritating instance with a person who flaked on me once.  What can you say to them when it's just free stuff exchanging hands?

I've signed up for some online classes so I can improve my professional skills.   I might not feel awesome right now but I've still got big plans. Also it's a nice day so I'm going for a bike ride at last on my newly tuned up bike. 

Wednesday, December 6, 2017

The Power of Positive Thinking

First things first - if you have a couple hours to spare and you need to put five thousand smiles on your face you should watch Jab We Met , a Bollywood romantic comedy that Andrice had me watch at her house yesterday:
Epic song & dance scene in first half : drumming, flirting, & swirling 

It being the end of year and all, I'm pushing myself way too hard to be productive and creative.  Over the weekend I had a prepared list of things I wanted to get done in December and set about making some strides. 

I took a large bag of stuff to SCRAP on Saturday and again yesterday; it turns out the bus stops right around the corner so I'll be going again this week!  I did a lot of laundry and I'm still not done for some reason.  I packed a box with old computer discs to take to the basement.  Mended some clothes.  Made a pile for the donation truck.  Returned library books.  Shopped for groceries.  Picked a paint color for the hallway.  Did some holiday decorating.  Cleaned lump of rotten pumpkin off the front walkway.  I worked on a painting I've been doing for several months and that's almost done. On Saturday night I hosted a small gathering of my friends who have been meeting for years to watch Dynasty and work on craft projects.  

One thing I brought to SCRAP was this wooden tree I made many years ago. 
For a few years I worked at a construction company doing drafting and programming of their laser cutter. I modified an existing pattern to make these miniature tree parts, as a party favor for an open house event.  I kept it these last seven years because it was something from that time that I helped make and was could bring home.  But, whenever I saw it, it reminded me of my crappy boss his verbal harrassment of me every day we worked together, over a year.  So much has changed since then and I've had lot of good memories and job experience since, but when a little wooden tree keeps sparking lame shit, it's time to say goodbye.  Now someone who doesn't have any of those associations can decorate these pieces and make something good.
Awright, in other happier news I've just about finished another painting and my new comic is going to be in the upcoming VisionQuest! Also, a Twilight Rummage Sale is happening early this month, on the 9th.  Things are pretty great, seasonal affective disorder notwithstanding.

Sunday, November 26, 2017

Happy Cranksgiving

I forgot this year to commemorate my five-year anniversary on this dumb blog.  Let's celebrate 2017 style, with fireworks AND a drone to capture it all (thanks again Iceland!)!!!
It's also been well over four years since I started selling my stuff at the Twilight Rummage Sale.  In my memory I have the blog and the sale conflated but I didn't start attending TRS until June of 2013.

Since my last post I've done several sales, Twilight and the comic book shows.  I'm so low on DVDs now that my regulars are having trouble finding stuff they like. I'm bringing more books instead.  I DJ-ed the Comix Thing show just over a week ago and for some reason was really nervous the whole time.  I just can't predict when that will happen but I made it through, with a lot of people saying nice things. 

I had my chance to have the rest of my SCRAP giveaways taken by a nice lady from the Buy Nothing group, but I decided to back out.  I don't have a whole lot left for one thing, and for another I needed to save time to get ready for the swap meets on Saturday.  I didn't want to spend time bagging and then waiting for her to show.  I had already postponed an appointment to have my tattoo lasered again.  It only takes a couple minutes but I would need to get over to the clinic and back before the show.

So now it's been Thanksgiving already and my house is a right disaster.  I spent all of my free time after the family left to finish drawing my Vision Quest #10 comic.  I finally just sent it off to my friends who publish it.

I've been watching My Mad Fat Diary on my phone when I'm at the gym and can use their wifi.  It's so good!  Sharon Rooney's brilliant!!

Well let's get this shit published already.  I might even have my Christmas decor up when you hear from me again.

Thursday, November 9, 2017

In Search Of...

I reached out on the Buy Nothing page for another request, this time a service needed.  I asked for a ride for my stuff to SCRAP and not only got an offer from a willing user, but another offer from someone who runs a preschool to take a bunch for her kids.  As SCRAP is a super cool resource for teachers and kids, I said yes of course.  At last the enormous pile of craft surplus in my basement is ebbing down.  I'm not sure what's under it anymore but it can't stay in the middle of the floor.  I might have to do some more clean-basement blog posts.

Speaking of which...Frankenstein's is this weekend and there's a ton of things still to do.  Arrrggghh...every time this event rolls around I tell myself how organized and better I will be and I still end up cramming books into boxes the morning of.  Tonight and tomorrow are going to be really important for the good of this show.  Oh, who am I kidding - everything will go just fine and no one will care how disorganized I think I am.

I'm watching the second season of Fargo, and getting a few music ideas in the process for my Saturday night performance!

Sunday, November 5, 2017

One Weird Old Trick

Last night I removed the bag of doll clothes from my home and gave them to my Montessori-teacher friend, and received in return a red file crate!
An image generated on Giphy when I searched "red file crate" - enjoy!
Time is ticking away for me to get ready for Frankenstein's Comic Book Swap.  As my prep table is collapsed and broken now, I need to set up a new work station ownstairs for packing my merch.  I'm planning to practically give away a lot of stuff, as I just can't take the overload. sleep goals seem to be getting accomplished.  For the last few days I've slept well compared to nights gone by, simply (I think) focusing on breathing and basically meditating myself to sleep.  Either that or I'm just so exhausted that my body is giving up and staying asleep, and letting me go back to sleep after I get up to go to the bathroom. For the first time in a while yesterday I didn't have a knot in the middle of my head from waking up too early and going back to sleep right before the alarm.  If I feel more awake when I get home in the evenings, I'm going to be so much more able to do art, chores, cooking, exercising, and staying on top of my calendar.  Also, I don't look sad and oppressed.

I've put out a request on the Buy Nothing page on Facebook to find a chauffeur for my things that need to go to SCRAP.  No meaningful replies yet. I'll let you know how it goes.

Sunday, October 29, 2017

One Party Later

After all the work I put into the office, it became the storage room all over again in the space of about half an hour.  Is this what Amy Winehouse meant by "back to black"?

I had a party last night and stayed up late watching a movie with the friends who stayed late.  I woke up way too early so I got up and did a bunch of dishes.  The stuff I had placed in the office room yesterday was to get it out of the way of the party people, so it will be coming out again soon and going into its proper places, if there really are any.

I did give away a box of canning jars on the Buy Nothing page, and bagged some dolly clothes and furniture for a friend who runs a Montessori school.  So, I did my part for clearing space.  But, I bought two new turntables for future DJ enterprises today from a Craigslist ad.  Those won't be living upstairs with me the whole time though.

I'm so busy with great things in the next few weeks!  Short Run, Frankenstein's Comic Book Swap, Comix Thing, Twilight Rummage Sale, and planning an art party and doing a page for Vision Quest.  Wow, busy and a little stressful but also my favorite things in life.  I'll need to do some extra self-care, as much as I kind of dislike that phrase, while I get these things accomplished.

Happy Halloween!!

Wednesday, October 25, 2017

Flake News

Now the drawing table says goodbye.  I'm still not sure I should, but I don't really use it for drawing anymore.  I have another table that might be a good fit in that location, which was one of the first things that my mom refinished.  But I'm going to pause while I figure out if I'm taking out carpet again this fall.

Aaaaaand...not sure if I want to keep my desk or not.  I built the thing, and it's the sturdiest piece of furniture I own, so I kind of want to hold onto it. But I don't use it for a whole lot except keeping the desktop computer on top.  Needs paint too.

Last Saturday's Twilight Rummage Sale was bananas!  I had a lot of cute tchotchkes and I've got even more to bring next month. I traded and sold some of my load away. 

I've been bringing more books these last couple times. I have another Frankenstein's Comic Book Swap coming up fast on 11/11 and a lot of things to sort out for that one.  Books of course, as well as posters and random related things.  Oh dear, so many things.  I'm also gonna DJ for Comix Thing again that night!!

I'm taking advantage of one of those big bins for confidential things you want to have shredded, which is in my workplace.  Now at last I no longer have the business records from when I ran Sparkplug!  I'm keeping the tax returns, of course, but all the other papers have to go.  I donated a pile of magazines to a local cafe with a reading section too.