Thursday, January 19, 2017

Last Trash Heap on the Left

The weather has been total crap for a few days now and I can hardly remember what day it is.  Work was closed for a couple weekdays and I came in to work on some days off, so it's no wonder.  I actually love snow, but I hate how Portland throws up its hands when we get it.

The overabundance of indoor time has given me opportunity to do some long overdue tidying.  I went through most of the jumble on the floor of my office, and recycled/shredded a nice bundle of papers and things.  I rearranged my CDs so I'd have more room for the ones I really want to keep, and made plans to say goodbye to the ones I don't.  Pretty soon I'll be able to vacuum the floor.

On Saturday I am renting a car for the Twilight Rummage Sale and to visit my dad, but also I'm going to make a nice round of large-scale donations.  Friends of the Library, SCRAP and Far West Fibers are all going to see my silly face this weekend.  I'm going to need some cardboard boxes.

Thursday, December 22, 2016

Return to Witch Mountain

After the December episode of Twilight Rummage Sale, I came to terms with the deteriorated state of the basement's hygiene.  Here's an example of poor storage quality:  for months I had books stacked on an upended box containing a child's booster seat.  On top of the box, plastic wrapped bathroom tissue (a few of which had been taken upstairs to the hall closet).  On top of that, more books.  I had loads of other books in disarray piled on a table nearby.  My goods from the last Twilight sale were in the garage waiting to be sorted, including things I was keeping for myself.  Last night I brought my laptop downstairs, put on season 2 of Orange is the New Black, and got to work.  I sorted out most of the books into "keep", "Powells", and "swap meet" piles.  I fit the last roll of old carpet padding in the garbage can, so the collectors could get it this morning.  I found a small pile of stuff to bring upstairs and put away.  Before I knew it the old basement was starting to look like a safe haven again.
We've only just begun

White lace and promises

A kiss for luck and we're on our way
Selling books at Powells has been going really well...the last time I went I got a ride so I could take about three times as many books as I usually carry.  Which isn't saying much, but now there's a dent in the shelves where I had them before.  Sooo...many...books...there used to be three or four times more too.  Unbelievable.  When the weather gets dryer, I'll start lugging them over to the book buyers again.

The last Twilight sale was blessed with a great turnout and my usual excellent regular customers.  There's been talk of the Eagles Lodge being sold but that's not going to happen, at least not for a long time.  I am so relieved, I can't even tell you.

I just finished a book by Emma Brockes, She Left Me the Gun.  I was reading it in The Fresh Pot when a guy at the table next to me wanted to know what I was reading.  I held up the cover and said it was a biography.  Then the guy asks me if it's a romantic novel. I said no, it's nonfiction (hence the word biography).  It's about the author's mother and how she left South Africa to escape her horrifically abusive father, but I didn't want to get into that.  Then the guy says, "But it probably has some romantic stuff in it, huh?"  I don't like to ascribe sexism to someone's motives two sentences in, but it was complete nonsense coming out of him in any case.  It reminded me of the time that a guy at the Gap asked me about a book I was carrying, Cries Unheard: the Story of Mary Bell by Gitta Sereny.  I think no one really wants to know what you're reading, it's just an awkward way to open up a conversation.  There's nothing more awkward than bringing up Mary Bell at the Gap.

Thursday, December 15, 2016

Sweet 161

Fun weather fact:  if you put my zip code into the search engine for, the results are Portland, OR and a town in Martinique.  Nice!  I wish I was in Martinique.  Work is closed because of snow.  The advisory states that the temperature is 31 degrees Fahrenheit, but "feels like 24".  Who decides that?

Circumstances have not changed a whole lot since we last spoke, but I feel a little better.  I don't know what it is, but getting my laundry done for once might have had an impact.  I've been walking books over to Powells one bag at a time to sell them.  In fact, I just did that.  I get trade credit, which I'm going to use to help get Christmas presents...and probably something for me.  I finished my comix page for VisionQuest and got the TIFF file sent over to the officials.

A fragile and beautiful moment from The Good Wife, S5
I've been decluttering my paperwork, and shredding a whole lot of old bills and things.  It's funny how a large pile of papers turns into an even bigger volume of skinny paper strips.  Using a shredder relieves so much tension.  Just sit with your cup of tea and put the subtitles on whatever DVD you've got going, and go to town.  You'll feel so much better.

It's holiday season and I'm not very well prepared for any of it.  I still have to put up my trees.  I guess now that my sofa is cleared of junk I can think about decorating a little.  I keep thinking it's still the first week of the month.

All right, in the interest of finishing this before another week goes by and the weather is nice again, I'll get this published.  Today was a first - I've never seen this Carpool Karaoke thing before but I found this as I was trying to get The Fall S3E2 on YouTube.  I like Bruno Mars a lot and this put a million smiles on my face so here ya go Russia and Singapore.

Oh, I guess I should explain the title - this is the 161st published post. Over and out.

Sunday, November 27, 2016

Working for the clampdown

The first thought I had when I woke up on 11/10/16 was, our president-elect is the American Ceausescu.  I must have been having a crappy dream, but the more I thought about it the more it made sense.  I looked online to see if anyone agreed with me, and it turns out that pro poker player (and son of Romanian immigrants) Daniel Negreanu had this opinion months before I did:

The personal front has not changed all that much.  I want to devote some of my time to changing life for the better for others, but I have to focus on getting through the layers of shite that are confronting right now.

I made a list of things that I need to do in December to make my life livable. I don't have a lot of time at home to pretty it up or have friends over, but that makes it more important to try.  I've been drawing more and made a last-minute commitment to do a comix page for my friend's publication.  I'm doing a bio about Hildegard of Bingen, a medieval Benedictine nun who had extraordinary intellectual and artistic talents, as well as being a visionary of the most phenomenal kind!  You can tell that I like nuns, if you follow me on social media at all.

Ah well, I'll be back here soon.  When I feel really bad and not like doing anything about it, I often think about Conan O'Brien's speech, particularly the part about cynicism (he's against it).  I think, if you know me at all, you'll agree that I'm against it too.


Friday, November 4, 2016

Positive Contact

Listen to this while you read.  I was looking for Dan the Automator's stuff on YouTube and came across it.

Ever since I came back from vacation last month it's been another nutty ride.  The situation I described in this post a few months ago has become way more serious.  I've been spending a lot of time away from home trying to be helpful and comforting.  I feel inadequate as fuck and I can't seem to care that dirty dishes and trash are piling up in my house.  Well, to quote the Andy Warhol Diaries, the diary can write itself on the rest of this subject.  Unfortunately for you and me, I don't have Pat Hackett to interpolate.

I've been listening to a podcast called My Favorite Murder, with hosts Georgia Hardstark and Karen Kilgariff.  They each read a true murder story and have hilarious side discussions about every possible off-topic subject.  There are a couple episodes where it gets so heavy for both of them that they decide to talk about some nice things that happened during their week.  Right now in my head I'm replaying moments from the Chealsea Peretti special that I watched with Andrice the other night, as we ate Halloween party leftovers.  That was pretty much all right.

This dumb post has taken this entire week to write.  Almost nothing I want to say is stuff I want to post.  I did clean up a li'l bit around the house so I'm not Miss Havishamming it all the time.  I'm also talking to my friends and family as much as I can.  But that's about as upbeat as I can make myself sound right now.

Monday, October 17, 2016

There's not another road anywhere that looks like this road

I started working on this post so many times.  I'm just going to leave it at this, which about sums up my state of mind right now:

Sunday, September 18, 2016

Green is just another word for...

...better than a dirty chalk-white wall the length of one side of my house!  My painting project is complete for the time being:

I brought a small end table up from the basement to use for my growing indoor garden.  I never knew quite what to do with it all these years until now!
As you maybe can tell, I've moved around some furniture and the space feels bigger than before. 

I've got TWO events I'm DJing in the next couple weeks: the Twilight Rummage Sale this Saturday night and Comix Thing the weekend after that.  I already have most of my playlists worked out.  I can't wait!!  I think there will be some happy freakouts at both places.  Here's a band I'm planning to use at one or both of them,  we'll see:
Is that one of Bryon Gysin's dream machines I see?